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Thursday, June 25th, we here at Renaissance were lucky enough to cater to some of the leaders over at Lockheed Martin. The night was filled with great people who were truly inspiring in their passion for the betterment of themselves and all others involved with their company and the community. These individuals continue to set aside personal time and leisure and instead spend their off time trying to make their company more efficient, to ensure their coworkers happiness, to give back to the community, and to truly make the most out of their surroundings. We hope they enjoyed all of the dishes and desserts that we provided, because with all that hard work and dedication, they definitely deserved a good time!

For this event, we tried to provide a wide variety of dishes, to keep the selections fresh and delicious while not becoming boring or monotonous. The butler pass items included chicken skewers with sauteed vegetables and barbecue sauce, and chicken empenadas with a spicy curry dipping sauce. The buffet selections included spicy Swedish meatballs, crumbly crab cakes, fresh spring rolls, tasty shrimp cocktail, an assorted fruit and cheese platter, a vegetable and salad bowl, and various crackers and spreads.

The dessert table was definitely not anything to scoff at either. The selections included brownies, varieties of cheesecake bites, creme puffs, and moist red velvet cupcakes. The star of the dessert table, though, had to be the vast choices there were for the pie shooters. The pie shooters were different kinds of pies stuffed into shots glasses, such decadent flavor in something so small. They were a huge hit, and almost no one could just have one. There were apple pie shooters, banana shooters, cherry pie shooters, peach pie shooters, and chocolate pie shooters. Everyone put their little spoons to work trying to get out every last bite!

Thank you again Lockheed Martin Leadership Association for allowing Renaissance Catering to serve you during your event! Keep up the hard work!