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2014 was the year that macaroons and cupcakes ruled receptions. Little bites not to be discounted or discredited, they are delicious bite sized morsels, but as time changes, so do the trends that become prominent and the new hot thing. So, if those two things are out as the little dessert center pieces, or if they’re not the star of the dance anymore, what has taken their spot? Don’t worry, it’s nothing that extreme or drastic. In fact, it’s something that’s just as loved and comfortable as the other two. The title of the post kind of gave it away, but right now, the hot thing is: donuts!

Donuts are delicious, sugary rings of heavenly dough. They’re fun, easy to hold and to eat, and they can come in so many different varieties that everyone can almost certainly find something they like! Renaissance Catering is all about choices, and also all about indulging in a little bit of a sweet tooth. Think about it; there are so many creative ways that donuts can be displayed, and there are so many different color variations that the display itself can become a certain sort of centerpiece, eye catching and pleasing on an aesthetic level.

Yes, they can be filling, and yes they are a little indulgent, but it’s your event, and it’s your day, so why not seize it and live a little? Enjoy a strawberry frosted donut, enjoy a creme filled donut, or go with the good old classic glazed donut. The options are endless, just lay out a donut bar and let your guests decide which different types they’d like to sample, that way everyone can embrace each component of their taste buds, and that little sugary zap they’ll get will only push them to the dance floors and work up their appetite all over again!