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One thing that most people can agree upon is the fact that when it comes to terms of the wedding reception, it’s a family affair. Maybe not in the literal sense, it’s a very figurative, spiritualistic way of looking at what family is; it’s two groups of people who are now joining together to celebrate the fact that they are now united and connected in a way that goes beyond just a ring and a piece of legal paper. The reception should try and reflect the gravitas of that sentiment, not just let it float away. The opportunity is there, so seize it!

Renaissance Catering can provide you all the service and main dishes and clean up that you need, so that you can whole heartedly enjoy your day and celebrate with all of those people in the world closest to you. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t allow your guests to get involved and bring in some of that homemade love that they can cook up beforehand. It would be a hassle to ask your guests to whip up every meal and every appetizer, and then who would be leftover to clean up everything left over? That’s not the fun part of the evening, so don’t hassle yourself with it!

What this post is getting at is that, say your aunt makes a mean salsa and you just have to have everyone try it, well, why not let her bring some to the reception and put it out with some chips for everyone to grub on? Or maybe your grandma has a family recipe for chocolate chip cookies that no one else has ever been able to recreate. Maybe you want her to bring a batch or two of those so that you can have that sweet, sweet taste. If you want that extra touch, just ask your guests to bring it! It’s your big day after all! Then, just leave the rest of the catering to us!