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Receptions are a very busy event when it comes to wedding days. Everyone wants to approach and congratulate the happy couple, everyone wants to get a picture to commemorate the event, and everyone is hyped up on the energy and good feelings after all is said and done. It’s a whirlwind process that can is very hectic and pressing. It almost feels as though no one has a minute to relax, to kick back, to just take it all in and appreciate it. It’s like driving on the autobahn; no stops, no lulls. It’s all very exciting, but not necessarily great for mingling and for having conversation and engagement. There’s no time for being in the moment, because the moment is hustling and bustling all around.

That’s where a caterer comes in. No, catering isn’t just about the food, although that is a very big part of it. Renaissance Catering realizes that a reception, or any event truly, needs a downtime where everyone gets to settle in, to catch up with friends and relatives that they haven’t seen in quite some time. You need that moment to cherish the larger moment. In the grand scheme of things, those precious moments of quality time are what everyone walks away with. That’s where a cocktail hour comes into play.

A cocktail hour is a time where servers come around serving delicious appetizers, little bite sized morsels to hold guests over so the rumbling of their stomachs doesn’t become overpowering. It’s a time to grab a drink and let the stress of the day melt away, allowing your shoulders to slump just slightly, it just slows things down. You get to be in the moment, rather than just being a passerby. It’s important to allow that moment where things aren’t speeding by, where there’s not another deadline to meet, or another picture to take. It’s a cool down moment, a moment to look around and realize that you’ve just joined in one of the greatest unions of your life. So be sure to think about incorporating a cocktail hour when it comes to your wedding or event!