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A wedding day is a big deal. That’s the understatement of the year, but hey, sometimes it’s best to put things in simple terms. There’s so much planning in the months leading up to the big day that sometimes little things get forgotten or left on the wayside by some oversight. It’s no ones fault, it happens, and it’s to be expected. As long as you get the big things done, then little hitches along the way aren’t going to derail you. However, there is one detail that can’t be forgotten, because if it is, then the ceremony and reception are going to get a lot louder. As a catering company, Renaissance is always striving to make sure that guests are satisfied and happy with the food we serve. That goes for all goods, including the kids.

Not every wedding is going to have kids present, and yours may be one of those. But for the weddings and receptions that are expecting a few little tykes to be running around, it’s important to make sure there’s food available that they’re going to enjoy and that’ll keep them from having a tantrum. They’re not looking to ruin your big day, but they also don’t really understand the concept of marriage yet, so it can be a struggle!

The good news is that we’re here to help. Renaissance offers so many different food selections, and we’re more than willing to do some back work and figure out new recipes that will fill the stomach of all the kids that’ll be at the reception! Hey, even the adults might enjoy some of the fair for the younger crowd!

When feeding kids, it’s important to remember that they’re not always going to appreciate some of the finer more decadent dishes, and you definitely don’t want them overdosing on sweets. They may crash in a few hours in a sugar coma, but for the immediate future you’ll just have a bigger problem. Because of those reasons, just take a glance at kids menus offered up by restaurants, and that’s the kind of fare you’ll want to serve up! Think chicken fingers, mashed potatoes, fruit platters, maybe some hot dogs or french fries, there are plenty of options! Just be sure to plan ahead for them and we’ll make sure to help you please them so that you can enjoy your day! 11209614_625441810889090_1663531154722250860_n