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Ice cream on it’s own is delicious. It’s the perfect treat to beat any summer time heat. It’s even good enough that most people still have cravings for it when it’s freezing cold outside. It’s just a perfectly created dessert. It’s at the top of the mountain, and it doesn’t look like it’s giving up that spot anytime soon. Ice creams held the top spot for so long because it’s mendable, it lends itself to whatever you’re craving at the time. Almost anything can be used as a topping; cookie dough, fruits, candy bars, even bacon can be paired with ice cream. These aren’t all of the options either; all one would need to do is google ice cream or ice cream toppings and a multitude of options will pop up on the screen. It’s the king of the jungle.

So, with ice cream being established as such a staple of treats and desserts, why shouldn’t it appear at your wedding reception? Renaissance Catering is no stranger when it comes to ice cream. We do ice cream socials all the time, so we’ve become adapt at handling events with ice cream. Of course, ice cream itself wouldn’t necessarily be worth a whole post, would it? Well, one of the biggest wedding reception trends taking hold this year is having boozy ice cream. That’s something new even for us, but we’d be willing to give it a try if it’s what would make your big day special! Think about it: ice cream is always a special treat that can soothe the soul or enhance any great feeling. Well, you’ll be riding high off of your wedding day, why not have your stomach celebrate as well while also getting a nice little buzz to help you dance! Boozy ice cream is a great pairing for receptions, and it’s something that all your guests of age will enjoy right along with you!