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Our past themes have included different drinking options when it comes to receptions and events. We’ve covered the cocktail hour and how important it can be. We’ve covered how coffee can be a savior and a great addition and brings guests back from the dead. But, one of the most important things throughout all weddings and events is this: it should be personal. The bride chose her dress so that she could be unique and look more beautiful than anyone else, it’s personalized for her. The rings the couple has chosen are their rings, no one else has those same two rings. The guests are unique to the reception, the couple is unique. Nothing from this event will ever be repeated again. It’s a beautiful concept, knowing that your day will always be that: yours. So why not try and spice up the drink menu so that it, just as your day, will be so unique that no reception before or after will be able to exactly replicate it?

That’s where the drinks come in. You can customize food, and Renaissance Catering is more than willing to help you out there, but wouldn’t it be nice to have some unique variants on drinks? Think about it, there are an endless number of ideas and possibilities open to you. You can choose to go regional, you can choose to go nostalgic, you can choose to go with the ancestry route. Maybe you have really fond memories of drinking spiked egg nog. Maybe you’re having a winter wedding, and you remember your first christmas together, looking at your tree all lit up, together, as a couple, drinking some bourbon apple cider. If your grandparents are going to be attending, and they have a favorite drink that you always associated with them, and it would give them the opportunity to cut loose and ease back, and to see just how far their line has come and just how much it’s still growing. Make your reception unique with every single sip. stock-footage-rotating-cocktail-with-lime-and-ice-on-black-background