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Most morning rituals incorporate the same common themes: a nice nutritious breakfast, brushing of teeth, showering, watching some T.V. Everyone has their own, and most people have different little spins that make their personal ritual unique. However, there is almost one universal staple of mornings. It’s finding something to give your body that little pick me up, that little extra bit that helps everyone keep their eyes open, fend off sleep, and brew alertness. Well, it’s definitely brewed. Coffee is a very universal thing. Everyone has their own personalized taste, and everyone takes their cup of joe at varying degrees of strength, but everyone can acknowledge that coffee is a morning powerhouse that many of us wouldn’t be able to survive mornings without.

That’s one thing that Renaissance Catering completely and unequivocally understands. Coffee is a godsend, and it keeps all of the wheels turning. It’s like a nice greaser for a squeaky door; it keeps everything flowing smoothly and without any hitches. That’s why we offer a coffee station.It’s a table dedicated to the Monday warrior. More than that, coffee is inherently customizable. Guests are able to make it their way. Want a lot of cream to mask the taste of the coffee beans? We can provide that. Want specific creamers or sweeteners? No problem. We’re willing to cover each and every variant that you and your guests could possibly want. Think about it; your guests, especially ones who have kids, are going to need something to wake them up and give them a second wind so that they can be completely engaged and present for the celebration of marriage! The station is exciting because it allows everyone to make it their way, and not have to hope that they’ll like it. It’s engaging and it brings the guests into the reception.

So, when planning, be sure to remember that some people are going to need that support of a nice steaming cup of coffee when it comes to your reception.