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There are plenty of different themes out there when it comes to wedding receptions. Hey, even each phase of a reception can have it’s own individual theme. Themes can be based on different TV shows, locations, books, really about anything. Well, since Renaissance is a catering company, we’re going to talk about having a theme for your appetizers. More than that, with our central Florida location, we do have a geographical familiarity with one certain terrain that many other states do not; the beach! Now, why we may not have all the sunshine that a state like Hawaii does, we’ve got the beach, and we’ve got a handful of ridiculously talented, diverse chefs, and those two pairings might just be able to bring Hawaii to your reception!

Firstly, there’s the refreshing and sweetness of fruit choices that come with Hawaii and beaches. Mango and pineapple are two of the staples, and their sweet enough to satiate the little ones at your reception, but light and tangy enough to really allow your guests to relax and picture themselves lounging out under the sun off in a tropical location. So, on top of the fruit selections, another great staple that can be passed around as finger food are grilled fruit and ham skewers. Glazed ham will have your guests feeling as though their at a beautiful luau. If you want to give your guests a little taste of coconut, who could turn down a tasty, alluring coconut shrimp? Shrimp is already craved at many receptions, wait until they get the extra coconut flavor to create a wonderful combination! For a different take on a salad, an ahi poke could be served. Ahi poke is a raw salad served generally with tuna in the salad. It’s a delightful seafood take on what most people have come to expect is going to be a boring collection of green leaves on a plate. Make sure your guests leave talking, feeling as though they just go away for a week to relax and get away!