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We’ve talked about different ideas for the cake ceremony on this blog before. Wedding cakes and the cake cutting ceremony are a huge part of the ceremonial tradition in terms of wedding receptions. But say, just for the sake of this post and hypothetical discussion, what if the the couple isn’t a fan of sweet things? Or what if guests and couple included would rather have other desserts that aren’t cake? That shouldn’t mean that the cake has to completely come off the table, but it also doesn’t mean that the cake has to be the normal fluff and icing that is common. I know, I know, it sounds  confusing, how do you get rid of traditional wedding cake while still have cake present at the reception? Well, why not get a little creative and shake things up a bit. Why not combine the cake cutting ceremony and dinner? Or why not make the cake one of the entree selections? Follow me here!

Have you ever heard of a meat cake? It’s essentially just a meet pie, but done up and made tiered to look like a traditional wedding cake. Sounds strange, right? But it’s a fun new way to still have the cake at your ceremony so that you and your partner can cut it and have the fun of the tradition while also have that little unique twist that’ll make the cutting all the more just yours! Pork pies are a great option that offers a really savory selection for guests to enjoy. Or a nice meatloaf tiered cake is a more traditional dinner dish that could be created by Renaissance catering to give your reception a personalized take with some traditional feel to it. It sounds a little odd and bizarre, but trust me when I say it’ll be something your guests haven’t seen before!