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There are plenty of obvious southern foods. The obvious one is barbecue, and everything that comes along with it. Heavy, filling foods that are full of flavor and the epitome of comfort. Everyone’s aware of the healing powers of some brisket, macaroni and cheese, some fried okra, and of course, what this whole post is about; biscuits. Now I know how it sounds! There’s no way that biscuits can take care of a whole wedding reception alone! I can’t deny that fact. It’s just too tall of a glass. That’s not to say that biscuits have to take a back seat though. They can have their only little star in the galaxy that is your reception.

Think about all of the events and reception that you’ve been to. Now, with those memories in hand, think about every time you grabbed a normal old roll to have with your food? Did it leave any sort of imprint? Did it make any impression? More than likely, you grabbed it to go along with some of the food, or maybe it was just out of habit. It’s sad that rolls are wasted and become such an after thought that more oft than not gets dumped in the trash with all of the bits of leftovers on a plate. Why not utilize that beauty that is bread in a more exciting and engaging way? Why not kick the dinner rolls to the curb and have a biscuit bar at your reception?

Think about it, everybody loves the golden, fluffy morsels? Beyond that, with biscuits instead of rolls, you can have so many additions to biscuits. Strawberry, raspberry, apple jams can be placed all along, different kinds of butters can be provided, such as cinnamon butter, or so many others, and a gravy boat won’t leave anyone disappointed. The point is, a biscuit bar adds a twist to carbohydrates that no roll is going to stand up against. Give your guests something that they won’t just grab out of habit. Give them something they’ll go out of their way for.