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Seasons change. It’s just an inevitable fact of life. With the changing of every seasons, wedding choices flow along with them. Fall brings about deeper, darker colors that tend to match the surroundings. Leaves are falling off of trees, the air gets a little brisker, and everybody cuddles up a little tighter. It’s a beautiful season, and while it may not completely  overtake Florida as it does other parts of the country, the sentiment and emotions that Fall elicits are still the same. Just as fashion changes to suit the weather, wedding ideas and themes change too. Doesn’t seem like a great idea to have a beach, island themed wedding during the heart of winter, does it? So, with wedding ideas changing, catering choices for receptions change along with them. Renaissance is always more than happy to be compliant to any reception decisions a couple would like, so these are just some great seasonal ideas that roll around during this time of year.

Fall and the colder weather it brings, tends to usher in more hearty dishes. Lamb and pork are very enticing dishes around this time of year,  as they’re delicious, filling, and will keep you warm against the biting winds. On top of that, both of those meat choices can pair very nicely with spiced apples and squash, to really bring out their flavors. Candied carrots also can pair well, and offer up another vegetable choice that kids present may not scoff at. Pot pie and shepherds pie are two other great choices for this season, they’re very filling and the choices as to what goes into them makes them very adaptable. One of the biggest thing that Fall ushers in are pumpkin flavors. Spiced pumpkin and squash can be used as filling inside of raviolis. Spiced pumpkin also offers up a great drink selection, and can be paired up with a sensational apple cider.