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The title for this post may be a bit cheesy, but when it comes to the subject matter that’s going to be discussed, cheesy seems just right. We’ve talked about themed wedding receptions before, and Renaissance has always been a big fan of them. They’re fun affairs, especially when guests and couples are so thrilled and love the theme they’ve chosen. Themes tend to be chosen because they hold a special place in the happy couples life. Whether it’s an activity or show they both enjoy, or maybe it has to do with heritage, whatever the case, the theme tends to add a level of gravitas to the reception. As we’ve mentioned before, food doesn’t have to be written off as a silly choice when it comes to theme. Most of the time, wedding days are very cheesy events, with everyone balling their eyes out while professing their love for one another, and how happy they are. So, why not sprinkle a little more cheese on top?

Think about it. Cheese is an amazing dish that can literally fit itself into each course of the meal. Besides that, there are so many choices when it comes to types of cheese. Not a fan of cheddar? No problem, have some swiss. Not too hot on provolone? Have a nice munster. Have a cheese table laid out for guests  to pick at, with some nice crackers and bread slices to spread it upon, pairing some mustards and other smears. For a main course, why not have some chicken cordon bleu. It’s a delicious chicken stuffed with cheese, broccoli, or anything else you’d like to try. Pair that up with some delicious baked macaroni as a side. Or switch it up and have cheese omelettes, with some nice cheese grits. There’s no ends to the possibilities, and everyone will be able to find something they enjoy! So, get a little cheesy!

Chicken cutlets Cordon Bleu