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It’s not really a big tradition here in the United States. Overseas, the British have a whole allotment of hours just for it every day. Yes, it doesn’t seem like the most traditional choice for a wedding reception, but then again, Renaissance Catering has never been one to just follow the norm and do what everyone else is doing. It seems like it suits a smaller sort of affair, but who gets to decide that? You do. We’re just here to make it work. Make what exactly work, you may be wondering. Well, we’re talking about having a tea party reception!

Okay, so it’s not the party that people may be expecting, but it doesn’t mean it’s not a good time! Not everyone wants to go to a raging party after the hussle and bussle of a wedding day. It’s an arduous process, and it can be draining. Besides that, a tea party doesn’t mean it’s a complete sit down affair, a tea party can just be the opener to your night of dancing. Thinking of it as the calm before the storm. You get a nice cup of tea, to soothe all the jittery excitement from just having said you do. Then, as far as dishes are concerned, you can go for things that are a bit fancier than everyday affair. A nice goat cheese and artisan bread spread. A smoked mousse is a great dessert choice. A juicy, red and tender roast beef with a horseradish spread is a great choice for a main entree. Or, if you’d like a more traditional approach for this unique wedding, then perhaps butter cucumber sandwiches, or like ham and cheese sandwiches to be nibbled on. Cookies could be lain out, so that you can have a nice little treat to dip into your tea so you get the relaxing tea taste followed by the sweet serenity that is the cookie. It’s just one of many unique option to make your reception day something you’ll remember fondly forever.