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Wedding receptions and other events can be a heavy burden to bear. There are so many other variables to take into consideration before food is even considered; there’s mailing the invitations, there’s choosing decorations, there’s making sure the venue is booked. There are just so many other factors that sometimes not as much focus or attention can be given to details such as food that’s going to be available. This sometimes leads to people just okaying the first few options presented to them. The food can still turn out good, Renaissance Catering always knows food, but it’s not always ideal or what would’ve made the day that much more perfect. It’s not because there’s a lack of care, there’s just a lack of time.

But, as mentioned before, there are guests that are going to be coming to your reception or event, right? Many of whom are close friends or family members. These people were invited because they hold sway in your life, and you value their presence and their input. So, if all of that logic checks out, then the best focus group is already readily available to you, all you have to do is be willing to ask and listen! A lot of receptions and events are now using their guests to help formulate the perfect menu. If everyone has a little input, no one can be disappointed with the end result. In fact, the end result will probably be magical because collaboration leads to innovation, so ideas will present themselves that would’ve never have been thought of before! Let your guests get the joy of joining in and helping to ease your burden, while at the same time conferring and creating a menu that will have everyone talking and eating their fill! Allow your guests to create “my way” menu, and you’ll still have any input you want and the final say on anything included. It’s the perfect solution!