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Let’s be honest, when thinking of breakfast there are a few staple dishes that people will mention; you’ve got your eggs, your hash browns, pancakes, waffles. All of these foods are fantastic, and they could all stand on their own. They’re all great, filling foods that provide energy and sustenance to take on those early morning hours. However, if there is one breakfast item that everyone is always eager for. It’s crispy, it’s greasy, it’s crunchy, and every bite is wholly and completely satisfying. Bacon.

Back isn’t always thought of when it comes to wedding receptions, or even parties. That’s mainly because most events aren’t taking place during the morning. Well, who cares? Bacon is good any time of day. Then, people worry about bacon being a standalone option. It doesn’t really come across as a main entree option. That part is true. It’s hard to make bacon the fixation of any dish. However, it’s not hard to find various uses for that delicious slice of pork. Some of the uses are definitely out of left field, but that doesn’t mean they should be dismissed or disregarded. Why not consider chocolate covered bacon for a dessert bar? The smoky flavor offers a nice pairing with the sweetness of the chocolate. Your guests will love this tasty treat and it’ll keep them talking about how new and interesting the choice was! Or, for appetizers, a great choice is bacon stuffed jalapeños. Bacon barbecue hot dogs are another great dish. It’s two meals that kids and adults alike love all rolled into one. If you really wanna get truly wild, bacon can be infused into different liquors and drinks, to give guests a different way of getting the taste of deliciousness and a stiff drink. There’s no losers when that’s the combination! Just ask us at Renaissance how we can get you the most bacon possible, and get it to you in as many different variations as we can!