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There’s a dessert that most people grew up with. It defined the feel, smell, and taste of childhood. It’s still used for home showings. Maybe it’s popular because it’s so easy to make, or make it’s popular because it just feels like home, but no one can deny this; cookies are a food type on their own, and they can’t be ignored. It’s got the nostalgia appeal, but it also never feels old or redundant. It never feels boring or unfashionable. It’s timeless.

If there’s one thing Renaissance can do it’s…well, everything. We can bring cookies and milk right to your wedding reception. Think about it; cookies are an embodiment of home. What did you just do? Got married. You’re creating a life, a home, with the person you love. Why not get that feeling started early with cookies and milk for dessert? It’s something everyone could enjoy! The kids will love, it’s a treat their always after, and the adults will love it even more as they’ll feel relaxed and they’ll get to take part in the beginning of your home building process! Besides, there are so many options when it comes to the types of cookies that could be served. You have the classic chocolate chip, which is also a crowd pleaser. Or maybe you’re looking for something that’s a little more refined or fancy, well there are macaroon fingers, which is just a cookie disguising itself as something extravagant. There are peanut butter cookies, coconut cookies, almond cookies, the possibilities are endless. There’s even cookies filled with different icings.

Cookies at for a wedding isn’t a new idea. It’s been around for many years, and it has origins rooted in European lines that migrated from Europe to America. So, not only are you building your new home and tasting your reward for falling in love, but you’re also carrying on a tradition. A tradition of home, love, and unity. It’s the perfect combination of everything.