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Since Renaissance Catering is located in Central Florida, we’re in the south. Now, some may not say we’re a true southern state, but aspects of the south still reside here, and one of the major ones is in the cuisine. When the southern cuisine is generally thought of, images of ribs, brisket, and anything else that can be smoked and grilled for hours on end. Biscuits are another staple of southern dining. But, maybe for a wedding reception, we’ll leave the gravy at home.

Barbecue is never really thought of when it comes to wedding reception foods. It’s normally pretty messy, and it’s also generally finger food, so napkins are a must. But what if you could take most of that messy, but delightful home-style southern barbecued meat and put it on the biscuits and carry it around? Why not, right? Biscuits are a big wedding reception trend right now. Wedding parties all over are substituting biscuits in place of normal food vehicles such as burger buns and sandwich bread. It’s more flakey than either of the previously mentioned breads, with a buttery taste. A biscuit can serve the same purpose as buns or bread, but it does so with even more attitude and taste. That’s where the BBQ talk comes in. It wouldn’t be fair to just herald the biscuits greatness without talking about it’s good friend. The two can work together at your reception. The biscuits there to guide the BBQ to your mouth, the pair of them working as wonderful compliments to each other. The biscuit brings the safety of protecting fancy suits and dress from the dangers of tangy BBQ sauce, and the food itself still gets to be present from the reception rather than being shunned yet again for being just a little too messy. They say that southernness runs in the blood, but maybe it’s the food that’s really holding it down.