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Generally, it’s an acknowledged assumption that the bigger something is, the bigger the punch it’s gonna pack. But sometimes, that’s not the case. Or, in other situations, the bulk of something big impedes it’s progress, slows it down, it’s bulk becoming clumsy rather than powerful. Well, that can be true to food as well. And our chefs are right for the job when it comes to figuring out how best to avoid that tumble and fall. At Renaissance, we know what we’re about.

The allegory for big versus small was just a vehicle to get to this point. Sometimes, the big hardy meals that normally go along with wedding receptions aren’t the way to go. Or, at least, they don’t have to be. It can be a lot to take in or to consume when all guests are offered is large portions of huge slabs of meat, with weighty mashed potatoes, and cheesy macaroni. How about going with mini dishes instead? It’s a reception for the biggest day of your life. You and your guests want to be able to move about and dance and party, right? Well, mini dishes are the best way to make sure you’re still engaging your taste-buds and satisfying your hunger while also being able to cut a rug out on the dance floor. Mini dishes are basically exactly what the name implies. They’re just shrunken down versions of the larger entrees. You don’t lose any of the flavor, but you also aren’t walking away with a plate that looks like you only picked at it. And, it also offers interesting choices in how you plate the dishes to, adding that bit of uniqueness to your reception. But food in Asian soup spoons, or utilize shot glasses in a way that isn’t just for liquor. Throw some food in martini glasses. Your guests will walk away thinking about how fun it was to be able to sample so many different dishes without having to be stuffed on just a few. It’s just something to think about. At Renaissance, we’re always thinking of how to satisfy  you! IMG_1203