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Stations have been a staple of wedding receptions for a long time. They’re little kiosks that wedding guests can stop at and grab little finger foods from before the big meal begins. A lot of people go with fruit stations, or cracker and cheese stations. There are dessert stations, popcorn stations, realistically, there are an endless number of foods that could be at stations. It can be kind of overwhelming, intimidating, daunting, take your pick. The idea here is that with so many options, what should you go with? Renaissance Catering can do any station you ask of us, but what’s going to set your stations apart from others? What’s going to make yours pop and leave your guests with fond memories of your reception?

To be memorable, the stations can’t be boring. They can’t be the same old same old that people have put up at their receptions throughout the years. There’s nothing wrong with traditional, but there’s also nothing wrong with being a little bold and going for new and inventive. Maybe a french fry station with a plethora of condiments for dipping. That way guests could try flavors that they had never thought to combine before.

If a fry station isn’t something that sounds appealing to you, maybe a peanut butter and jelly station is more your thing. Different types of peanut butter and jam could be set out with mini pieces of bread so that guests can make their own and make it unique to themselves. There’s any number of jams out there that can enhance and compound upon the different flavors of peanut butter.

Or maybe you’d like to go with a little baked potato station with different little toppings like bacon, marshmallows, anything that could be put into a baked potato to act as an interesting foil to the starch-ness of the potato. It’s all about creativity, and Renaissance Catering has plenty of creative minds to help you come up with unique stations to give your reception the novelty it deserves. 522520_229986660434609_41573385_n