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Colors are a really huge part of weddings. It sets the moods, sets tones dancing across the room, and accents and compliments the wedding parties outfits. However, color trends change for weddings not only with seasons, but also with years. Last year, one of the most popular colors, which tended to rule most wedding receptions was Radiant Orchid. Now, this may not seem important for a catering company to know, but we here at Renaissance also offer colored table layouts, sashes, and other such services. We like to be as helpful as possible, so we keep up with the current trends so that we can properly inform you as you’re searching around for the perfect venue, catering services, and every other aspect that goes into a wedding day.

This post being about color, the trend for this year has seemed to lean towards more muted colors. Now, that may seem like a strange trend for weddings to be following. The general thought would be that colors would lean towards bright, and causing everything to pop. Sometimes it’s not all about being flashy and bathing in decadence. Sometimes, it’s best to downplay the colors so that the more important aspects of the reception truly take center stage. Accent the brides dress, allow the colors to dance with the grooms mens vests, even the cake can join in on the show by being decorated in resplendent colors that perfectly match it’s surroundings.

The color doesn’t have to be the most commanding figurehead of your event, but it should still be an honored guest. We offer any color that you might want for. We offer plenty of muted colors, that can allow the reception to take care of itself and act as it was meant to: a celebration of the joining of two families. Let us at Renaissance Catering help you find the perfect color for your perfect day.  IMG_3361 (1)