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We eat food everyday. It’s our sustenance and it’s what keeps us going. Sometimes we even eat it just for pleasure. Food can fulfill many a roles. So, what role should it play at your wedding reception? Should it sit idly by in carrying platters for your guests to idly pick at and then go about their business? Catering is our business, and it’s what we know best, and here’s what we can tell you; food shouldn’t be a passerby on your big day, it should hold a place of honor, to complement you and to wow your guests  so that your wedding is the one that they will forever remember. There are many ways to do this, but in this post, we’re going to talk about different ideas for your catering choices.

Do you love brunch? Brunch is an event so engaging and unique that we make days out of it. Gathering up our friends and coming together to relax and to really rejoice in each others company. Kind of sounds, in essence, like a certain other day that we’re talking about, doesn’t it? So, why not just bring the two together and just have a spectacular wedding brunch? Think about it, who doesn’t love some good old eggs, pancakes and syrup, and some crispy bacon? At Renaissance, we’re not against taking chances and embracing the challenge of bringing that unique brunch experience to you on your big day.

Or, how about we suggest another option. We offer butler packages, in which our servers walk around and serve up delicious appetizers. Who hasn’t enjoyed a late night snack every once in awhile? Why not enjoy your favorite late night snack after dancing and partying the night away with your friends and family. Our servers would be more than happy to bring around appetizers that our the most delectable late night snacks you could ever ask for.

Just some thoughts to consider when plan your big day.