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Renaissance Catering offers services to mainly wedding reception catering, but more than that we do evens that need catering in any capacity. As such, we’re willing to cater to the most die hard of sweet tooth swindlers of the world. Our chefs our more than talented enough to create and bring forth any sort of dessert dish that anyone could dream up. Well, within the bounds of reality! We’re going over desserts in this post because when most people think of catering services, for receptions and parties, the first assumption that the only option is going to be cake. Well, that’s not the case anymore. People want to become progressive in their weddings, in their parties, in every way. One of the biggest things that’s been sweeping across the scene is that of dessert bars.

It’s an amazing idea that more people should be open to trying. A dessert bar is a station full of every kind of dessert imaginable, topped high, like a mountain. It’s a cascading tower of decadent sweets that could cure anyones cravings. That’s not to say that you have to throw out the traditional choice of having a cake. A cake can be the center piece of the whole layout. A cake can stand as the castle in the kingdom of sugar. Cake is not for everyone though, and that’s why these bars are taking hold. Throw out some cupcakes, some fruit, cookies, just make sure there’s variety. Just as with the entree, guests at a reception would like choices, just as a bride and groom, or the person of honor want choices. Make everyone happy by giving them their choice of that last treat before the night has to slip away into a sweet, unforgettable memory. More than that, a dessert bar will offer you the chance to offer another bright, vivacious table of delectable color to bestow onto your ceremony, so let us know if you’re interested!