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That header made it seem like this was going to be a very ominous post about how planning catering for a wedding is extremely difficult or that it’s near impossible to do. Well, let me put those worries to rest and let you in on a secret: we here at Renaissance catering are here to help. We want this whole process to be as smooth as possible for you. We’re here to serve you the best food possible, accompanied by fantastic and engaging service. Let’s go over a few things that you should look over before hiring a catering service, just so you know what you’re getting into rather than flying blind.

Consider who your guests are. It’s going to be a gather of friends and family, so know your audience. Know what types of foods you generally get with specific family members, or think about outings with friends and where you tended to go out to eat with them. Look into how many out of towners may be coming, so you might have an idea of their regional dish, or perhaps have regional dishes from your areas so that they may have a taste from the place where you found love. More than that, the biggest consideration needs be what foods the couple would like to partake in. It’s their special day, so think back on special moments, anniversaries, big moments within the relationship, anything that might be important.

Be sure to consider what type of serving style you would like. Sit down can be nice and intimate, and give everyone a chance to engage with their table. Buffet style serving allows everyone to choose which dishes they would like, rather than having everything on a plate with certain items they might not be fond of. It’s important to think of how you would like your reception to be handled, as it can set the tone for the rest of the night.

Another important thing to consider is the season. Seasonal dishes and ingredients must be planned. It’d be a shame to miss out on a certain dish that you had your eye on because it’s out of season. So be sure to glance over when certain foods are more fresh or are in more abundance and plan accordingly.

We hope some of this was helpful in streamlining your wedding planning process!