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So, we’ve covered having your reception and catering themed like a movie and like a Gatsby party. Well, here’s one more that is only really becoming a recent thing. Technology is huge right now. We’re able to render seamless pixel by pixel recreations of faces onto a screen. The line between real and digital is starting to blur. As such, one form of media that seems to be matching likeness to reality fairly consistently are video games. The generations that are now getting married in this day and age have all had some experience with them. Whether in the most basic form, such as pong or Pac – Man, to more complex and layered games, such as Mass Affect or Fallout. They are more ingratiated into our culture, so why not incorporate them into your reception? Look, a few years ago, this would’ve seemed silly, unheard of even. But within the last decade, more and more couples have the story of how they met beginning with how they played a certain video game, met online, and got to talking. It’s a common occurrence. And think about the possibilities it opens up for creativity in terms of your catering menu! Renaissance Catering has always been open to being creative and innovative. Does a video game have a certain color scheme? We’ll find the perfect linens to match it. Are there certain foods in games that can be reimagined in real life? You betcha. Huge Mario fans? Why not have a nice sauteed mushroom dish for your guests to power up? World of Warcraft brought you together? Well, we’ll serve up the strong ales to keep the good times rolling. Sonic the Hedgehog loves himself some chili dogs, why not let your guests enjoy them also? This is just a fun, engaging way to make sure you and your guests are happy and satisfied at your event, while also bringing a little something extra. Video games incorporate food for a reason. Because it’s something we all enjoy and understand. And we’d love for worlds to collide to provide the utmost satisfaction to you!


(credit to gamesetwatch for photo)