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So, we here at Renaissance love holidays. There are so many, but each one tends to bring out a different kind of tradition. Christmas has the tree, and family dinners on the day of, after or before opening presents. Thanksgiving is obviously a get together to stuff ourselves silly and watch football with family and friends. Halloween is a time to get scared, to dress up, create a little mischief, and to enjoy the sweet things in life, pun completely intended. Fourth of July is filled with patriotism, backyard bar-b-q’s, and fireworks. The point is this; there are just certain things that we associate with these holidays. Whether through practice or observation, most everyone recognizes the nuances of each individual holiday. Well, we at Renaissance are more than willing to cater your next holiday party!

Whether it falls on the day itself, or just around it, we have plenty of ideas when it comes to the food that’ll best fit and benefit the holiday. As stated earlier, July 4th obviously has direct ties to bar-b-q’s. There’s nothing better than chowing down on some ribs while watching the dazzling spectacle in the sky. Throw in some nice, refreshing fruit based dessert to beat the summer heat, and you’ve got one heck of a party brewing. Thanksgiving, of course, would call for heavier dishes. Turkey or honey glazed hams are always fan favorites, and you can’t forget the stuffing. For Christmas based events, it’s always great to go with foods that are going to keep guests warm and satisfied, like a nice cut of steak, with some warm, cheesy mashed potatoes. After that, throw in some hot chocolate and every guest will be sleeping soundly that night. New Years calls for more mini, finger foods. The excitement of things to come shouldn’t be weighed down by heavy dishes, but rather light dishes that satisfy while still allowing high energy and movement for celebrating the ringing in of a new year. Just a few things to keep in mind next time your looking to celebrate any holiday with those you love!