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Superheroes have been a staple of our culture for quite a long time. Yes, only recently did movies bring them back to being at the forefront of social awareness, but they were never left behind or forgotten. To the contrary, they’ve always laid in the wings, waiting, part of a culture of people who longed to be more than themselves, who longed for a greater calling. Everyone wants to be the hero. Well, to a couple getting married, they’ve already found their greatest superhero, and their own superpower, their ability to love another.

It may seem kind of cheesy, but cheesy is fun. Why not cheese it up on one of the sappiest, most heartfelt days? It’s a wedding celebration, not a funeral? So have some fun with it! The question would obviously be, “Renaissance, you’re a catering company, how could you possibly theme anything around superheroes?” Well, you’d be surprised. First and foremost, almost all superheroes have signature colors. As we do provide linens and table cloths, we almost guaranteedly can find the perfect color combination to match a couples favorite hero. Batman has his black and yellow, the Green Lantern has his green and black, and Superman has his red and blue. As for food that matches up with the hero, don’t worry about it. We can get creative. Bat signal cookies, spider symbol cupcakes, and the like are great and tasty sweet treats any guests can get in on. A Captain America shield style fruit platter can be laid out, with strawberries, blueberries, and marshmellows in rings around recreating the look. Finger sandwiches can be laid out, with different little “Boom!” and “Pow!” signs stuck in them. Maybe a couple is a huge fan of the Avengers movies, and wants shawarma served at their reception, as an inside joke. There are plenty of different ways to go about incorporating superheroes into your wedding reception food!