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We’ve covered plenty of different themed weddings here on the Renaissance Catering blog. The post before this one was about having the theme of a reception being waffles. Well, there’s one food that is a comfort food. It’s a movie night food. It’s a game night food. It’s a hangout food. It’s a football Sunday food. Why can’t it be a wedding reception food as well? If it hasn’t become abundantly clear what food I’m talking about, it’s pizza. The one pie to rule them all. Pizza is generally seen as a food for relaxing events, not for such a fancy affair as a wedding reception. But why not? Yes, everyone’s dressed to the nines and is looking to impress. But hear me out! A reception is supposed to be fun! It’s supposed to be the first real celebration of two families that are now connected, intertwined. A couple just had what is one of the biggest and most important days of their life. It’s a celebration at it’s core. If you’re trying to tell me that pizza doesn’t scream celebration, then I’m not sure what kind of parties you’ve been going to!

Here’s the truly wonderful and beautiful thing about pizza is the variations that are available to you! There are the basics, like a meat eaters, or a Hawaiian. But why not go off the road a little bit? A macaroni and cheese pizza is definitely a winner. How about a breakfast pizza, with a sunny side up egg throughout to get that cheese and sauce taste with that nice yolk taste. Why not a pizza cone? Think of an ice cream cone, lose the ice cream, and throw in delicious sauce, dough, and cheese! Think that sounds like a lot of savory pizza dishes? Don’t worry, there are plenty of dessert pizzas out there as well. Why not a smores pizza, with chocolate sauce, marshmallows and grand cracker like crust. Or for those that want a healthier dessert, a fruit cake pizza. There are so many options available, just ask Renaissance about any variations!