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Your wedding day has come, so now you have a night filled with dancing and partying with your closest family and friends. It’s going to be an amazing time, but what about the food? It’s not that the same old staples of foods have become stale, that’s not it at all. But, just like married life, sometimes you need to add a little spice to make sure things stay fresh, exciting, and overall, engaging. Your reception is one of the first events you’ll attend as a union, so why not get started early and inject that flame right from the beginning? Steaks, mashed potatoes, veggies, these are all tried and true foods to have at your reception, but none of them really have much zing to them.

So, what types of foods will help to ignite things? Well, Renaissance Catering is all about bringing some spice. You don’t have to get rid of all of the normal dishes, or any of the comfort food if that’s what you want, but why not offer up some more aggressive choices? Some thai curry is always a great dipping sauce, and it pairs amazingly with some chicken kebabs, or some chicken empanadas. Swedish meatballs also offer up a nice little appetizer with a kick to it. The meatballs soak up all of the spices in the sauce and infuse themselves with the flavor.

Sriracha based dishes are also a hit, one that can get those taste buds firing on all cylinders. French fries, potatoes, pretty much anything you can think of can be infused with sriracha to bring out flavors you and your guests will have never have thought up.

We offer plenty of ethnic dishes as well, ones that Chef Tony could personally recommend. Different Mexican dishes that bring about the hotness of dishes passed down through generations. Don’t be afraid to inject the zest and set your marriage off with a bang!