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Sometimes, it’s easy to forget how versatile some foods are. Most of the time, we just eat the food, eager to taste and indulge one of our baser senses; hunger. Most people don’t stop and thinking about what the food was made with, as it’s passive information. It’s just an after thought, nothing more than a little tidbit about the food we’re ingesting. Some foods make up various dishes that are household staples and favorites of families. We’ve covered various stations that can be set up at events and wedding receptions, but one that’s extremely fun and can cover a starch dish for your event is a spud station. Not only does it offer up a lot of choices in terms of whats laid out and offered, it’s a tasty, fun ingredient that everyone can find something they love!

Think about all of the ways spuds can be used for the station. Tater tots are always a wonderful choice, that even kids will love, and adults can still love and enjoy. Potato wedges and fries can act as a more grown up version of the tater tots, but they’re still a great choice for guests to just come by and pick at when they’re hungry. Mashed potatoes are always a crowd favorite, and there are variations on those as well, such as cheesy mashed potatoes or garlic mashed potatoes. Sweet potatoes could be another option, for those guests that want a little something sweeter, and that would lead to other toppings, such as whipped cream, marshmallows, etc. Baked potatoes are another great choice and then guests can get their bacon fix in. And bacon’s just the beginning in terms of toppings; others include sour cream, peppers, cheese, herbs, the list goes on and on. There are so many choices, and potatoes are a nice, hearty dish that will leave your guests with a full stomach. Renaissance Catering knows our way around starches, and potatoes are always a great choice!