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Okay, so normally, receptions are sit down affairs. Everyone’s pretty set on how that works. You go up to a buffet line, grab a plate, go down the row, and ask for whatever you’d like to eat. Well, what if it were simpler than that? What if it wasn’t about having a set number of carbs, a set number of vegetables, and a set number of stations? What if it were much simpler? There was once a an earl who wanted to be able to eat his bread and meat while still being able to use his other hand to gamble. Some might call him lazy, but others would call him efficient, We’ll just say that he created something beautiful.

We’ve posted plenty of times about different stations to consider when planning an event. However, we haven’t touched on one of the simplest, yet most satisfying ones. Whether you allow your guests to make them themselves or you’d like a set selection so they may walk up and grab what they like, there’s no denying this; sandwiches are a delicious, easy, widely loved food to consider.

Think about it this way; sandwiches are portable, easy to eat selection. It’s hard to go wrong with the right meat and topping selections. Across the board, there are too many combination options for guests to not find at least one to their liking. Don’t like mayonnaise? No problem. Not a fan of ham? Maybe you’re a turkey fan. Want some veggies in your day? Throw on some tomatoes and lettuce. Feel like chicken but not the complex dishes you’d normally have to select from? Easy, throw it on some bread and now you’ve got a portable feast! Sandwiches are a simple, yet versatile choice, that would free up the weight of having to make sure your guests enjoy the foods that you’ve selected. It’s fun, easy, and impossible to screw up. So, when considering what foods to have for your event, Renaissance Catering just asks you to consider this: Do you want to eat without having to stop gambling and partying? There’s a sandwich for that.