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There’s a current thought floating around right now that television is becoming the new film. That’s because television is now providing the most exhilirating form of storytelling right now. TV doesn’t have to adhere to a fixed format of two hours to express characters, loss, humor, and love. It can go on for years. It’s free range, and can adapt itself at any given time. TV is much like a marriage. There are up and downs, there is pain and loss, but there is also laughter and fun, friendship and bonding, there is love. With how big TV shows have become, it’s no stretch of the imagination to think that wedding receptions, and even ceremonies, are beginning to incorporate couples favorites.

As such, there’s no reason why the reception food can’t match up to the TV show in some way, shape, or form. Take Parks and Recreation for example. The main character, Leslie Knope, love breakfast foods, with her favorite being waffles. Why not have a breakfast buffet for the reception? Have a waffle station so that guests can embrace something that the couple loves and has bonded over. Or maybe the couple are huge Mad Men fans. Go for an elaborate bar set up, so that the guests can feel just like the powerhouse businessmen on the show. Even the show Supernatural has a huge food joke in it, in that one of the main characters is obsessed with pie. Well, have a pie bar set up, so that guests can feel as though they’re taking a break from chasing down demons and can enjoy a nice slice of pie while appreciating two people are making a pact to stick it out together. There are so many shows out these days, and so many people invest heavily in them. If a show has brought you and your loved ones together to celebrate, why not give it a nod of thanks, and let it provide you further enjoyment by incorporating it into your wedding reception? It’s a good time for all!