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One of the largest phenomenon’s to have hit society in the late nineties, early two thousands, was the wizarding world of Harry Potter. There was no aspect of society that was left untouched by the magic that the novels brought to life. It brought more than a few couples together, and it wasn’t just bonding over the story or the idea of magic being real. It was the themes that the books stood for. Loyalty, kindness, bravery, understanding, love. That was the magic of the world of Harry Potter. It wasn’t the wands, or the fact that witches and wizards were doing magic, it was the fact that the books were able to teach children and adults all of these themes while also taking them on a journey.

Renaissance Catering knows about trying to bring a bit of magic to each wedding reception. The colors of the linens could all match up to the different houses. The couple can act as a sorting hat, putting each guest into the house that they think they belong in. Harry Potter also has plenty of staple food items. Butterbeer is mentioned extensively throughout the novels, so why not allow guests to enjoy it and revel in the nostaglia and wonderment that they experienced when they were reading the books, or watching the movies. Why not have cupcakes with little lightning bolts on them to commemorate the boy who lived, and the couple now joined? Or have some icing covered pretzels to act as wands so that each guests can cast their blessing on the couple? Include some traditional English dinners so that guests feel as though they’ve been whisked away to the Hogwarts campus, dining on steak and kidney pie, cornish pasties, there’s even vegetarian pasties. The theme is so endearing and close to so many hearts that everyone will have a great time, and the day will become just as magical as being whisked away to Hogwarts!