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Narrowing down a menu for your reception is a tough task. There are countless choices and talented chefs are also open to making pretty much anything, because the customer comes first, especially when it’s the customers wedding day! So, how do your narrow down what you want? How do you pick foods based not only on your own preferences, but also on your guests palettes? It’s really not a task for the feint of heart. That’s why waffling becomes such a common theme when planning out a reception. You think you have a set menu, then you realize that maybe your not so hot on one of your choices. Well, what if you just waffled the reception. Literally. Waffle everything.

It sounds ridiculous. But sometimes, the most ridiculous things in life are the most fun and the most memorable. Waffles are a versatile food. I know there’s a debate normally between people liking pancakes versus waffles, but for the purposes of this post and for your big day, waffles are the way we’re going. Ever had chicken and waffles? The nice chicken flavor plays so well with the breaded taste of the waffle and the sweetness of syrup. So why not make a friend chicken waffle biscuit sandwich. It’s a delicious take a on a chicken biscuit sandwich and it adds a little flavor to your reception food. Funfetti waffles are an awesome way to provide your guests with a unique dessert. Throw on some sprinkles and ice cream to maximize the waffle! Jam filled waffle pops are another fun way  to basically create a jelly corn dog. Grilled cheese waffles offer a simple selection that satisfy’s most anyones hunger. You can even have a waffle pizza! It’s not just pies that can achieve the beautiful taste that is pizza, so why not waffle your reception!