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Appetizers are always a pretty integral part of any reception. Generally, Renaissance, as a catering company, provides a butler service, in which our servers bring the appetizers and the guests can grab them in passing if anything catches their eye. We love doing it, and it’s a great way to get some food into guests bellies while they share conversation with each other. But, what if the guests could go to various stations and just grab what they wanted? And what if each station had a different food selection, and each food selection was paired with a great dipping sauce picked specifically to enhance flavors to the fullest. It’s a fun way to get guests little bites before the main entree, and hardly anyone hates getting to dip and dunk their food! There’s some child like wonderment about it, because it’s an activity that’s more complex then just food to mouth chew.

The station possibilities are limitless really. Think about the different dishes you could have that would cover the full spectrum of flavors. One station could be mini grilled cheese bites with tomato soup dip cups. There could be dippable pizza sticks with marinara dipping sauces, or even Alfredo dipping sauces. You could have mini chicken rolls or taquitos with sweet and sour dipping sauce. If you really want to get creative and hit your guests with something they’re not expecting, mini waffles with a yogurt or sweet dip. No one would see that one coming! A dessert option could be mini pumpkin churros with a coffee chocolate dipping sauce. The versatility of mini foods with paired dipping sauces is amazing but it allows for a wedding reception It might not have the catered feel of being served with stations being used as the primary food areas, but it allows for so much more in terms of offered selections!

mini cheese and vegetable taquito rolls